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and look at the www.boardgamesofold.com
Posted On 05/10/2017 01:18:55 by gamesofold

and look at the number of banks in the United States, the bank named institutions have 8500 Many, and our country called the bank's institutions only more than 300, the United States is our 30 times. And then look at the financial services for small and medium enterprises, it is even less scarce, Fake Ferragamo Belt small and medium enterprises to serve the village banks to now less than 10, and the development of small loans is facing many obstacles to the system. In other words, Fake Ferragamo Belt financial institutions as a whole can not support the development of the real economy, in the case of financial shortages, scarce financial resources will only choose large enterprises, large customers, and will never flow to the small and medium enterprises to the field. This is an important reason for the financing difficulties of small and medium enterprises. In this way, on the one hand is the monopoly of the big banks caused by industry profits, on the other hand is the financial suppression and financial shortages. replica ferragamo belt Accounting for 99% of the total number of enterprises in the small and medium-sized enterprises can not get the mainstream banking institutions in the case of credit funds, can only rely on underground financial support. As Premier Wen visited Wenzhou last year, said: the door is not open, the door will open. The only way to break the monopoly, reduce the threshold of banking entry, so that private capital can be legally into the banking industry, at the same time, by guiding the legalization of private finance, Change the monopoly of Fake Ferragamo Belt banking sector. Cheap Ferragamo Belts has always stressed that the financial to serve the real economy, the financial system to serve the real economy is the key to the financial itself should be based on the structure of the real economy to form a service for large enterprises, but also serve the rational structure of small and medium-sized enterprises: Large business services, small banks for small businesses, http://www.boardgamesofold.com/ and other financial institutions to provide other financial services. But in fact, due to the monopoly and financial suppression of the big banks, Fake Ferragamo Belt banking institutions are not only a small number, but also into the high threshold, private finance can not give the majority of small and medium enterprises to provide services


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