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Posted On 05/10/2017 01:23:41 by gamesofold

The decline in fiscal revenue, but economic growth and prices into the downturn after the performance of one of the time. But it is clear that the decline in fiscal revenue growth, or even negative growth, http://www.boardgamesofold.com/ for three years after the expansion of the local government, is undoubtedly faced with a huge financing problems, especially in the real estate market downturn. For example, for the current situation of negative growth in Beijing's fiscal revenue, deputy mayor of Jilin that: Beijing is not land finance, replica ferragamo belt not by land to eat, but Beijing is to engage in land construction. Land market changes, construction funds will encounter pressure. This means that, although the land transfer payments are not included in the local financial, but in fact, the dependence on land finance is an indisputable fact. If careful analysis, this year the national and some local fiscal revenue growth rate fell sharply, in addition to economic slowdown, and last year the base is too high, the impact of the Spring Festival holiday, as well as real estate income reduction, personal income tax, business tax new policy to bring policy There is a great deal of relationship, especially in the case of falling prices, will directly lead to a decrease in turnover tax. Such as Chongqing, in January last year, fiscal revenue growth of up to 60%, so high on the base to a very difficult step. Of course, the more important, and the economy itself is still in a slow cycle of the cycle has a great relationship. In the case of declining fiscal revenue growth, many places still hope to pin in the real estate and land market to pick up, which last two months, cheap ferragamo belts some local governments tentatively relax the purchase of real estate policy can see the local financial Dilemma. However, in the long run, even if the real estate policy once again relaxed, relying on the local land market to increase land revenue, however, once the real estate overheating, naturally callback, such a vicious cycle of work is not conducive to get rid of the land finance Determined to promote economic restructuring and industrial restructuring. Fiscal shortage of money, hope to pin on the land, but rely on land sales development is clearly unsustainable. This year the central government will cut GDP growth target to 7.5%


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